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    User specific dashboard/column sizes and settings

      Hello --

      I've recently created a few new accounts for ipMonitor 9 so other users could log in, and manage/review monitors however I've run into a problem where when one of us changes the column settings or sizes on the dashboard it effects all other users despite using separate logins. This is particularly painful since we have a dedicated monitor up to display the ipMonitor dashboard which we would like to have specifically sized columns for.  Is there some option I'm missing or something we can do to create separate viewing profiles for each user? Thanks much.


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          Hi Beerinder,

          ipMonitor 9's dashboard settings are a system wide configuration as you have noted.  What I would recommend is modifying the access rights for the user accounts you have created to not include write access for the dashboard so changes would have to go through the ipMonitor administrator.  You could also take a look at the ipMonitor NOC view / details view as they may be a great option for displaying network status on your large monitor.


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              Thanks for the prompt response. The reason I wanted the dashboard over the NOC was because the NOC view doesn't show Device level up/downs, just for the parent group/folder. Is there any way to add Devices/Smart Groups to this NOC view?

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                  Hello Beerinder,

                  The NOC view will provide the status of the items of the group you are in.  For example, if you wanted to view the status of all Devices within the NOC view, simply go to Devices tab, click "All Managed Devices" and then click "NOC View".  You can also modify this view to hide Monitors, Groups and Devices based on their status.  Simply click the "View Settings" option at the top of the NOC view page.

                  Hope this helps.

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                  Are there any plans to make the interface individualized?  Our network staff prefers a different view than our operations staff. This was a handy feature in WhatsUp Gold.  Each user was able to customize the interface the way they wanted it.