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    Feature requests

      Hi there,

      I was wondering if you could put in a feature request for me.

      Can you integrate the IP address management tool and the DNS audit tool?

      What I am after is that if a host hasn’t responded in a period of time, that it’s marked as expired, then tombstoned and then the address is marked as available. (Similar to what happens with WINS) At this point, if the address still has DNS entries that a report is created and displayed on a web page or emailed that says what the expired DNS entries are.

      If the records for forward and reverse don’t match, then these should be emailed out as well.

      Oh, one more thing. If it's possible to have a web interface to IPAM. Allowing anyone to reserve addresses without going into the GUI.



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          Which product are you referring to here?  The Orion iP Address Manager module has a web interface and also has the feature in which if an IP was responding to a scan and is no longer responding, it is marked as "Transient" and is left in that state for a user defined set period of days after which if nothing is still responding on it, it will become marked as available again.  You can view more about that module here

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              At the moment, I am just using the IPAM from Solarwinds Engineers Edition.

              You are getting the DNS information as you are doing a lookup for the IP as it's scanned and putting that into the db, so can you do a lookup for the name and see if they match, and if they don't flag it?

              Also, if you can flag anything which has gone from transient to available and still has valid DNS records?