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    Same IP, multiple ports



      I have a device (Calix C7) that has multiple shelfs within a chassis. The chassis has an IP that I can hit via SNMP on port 5000, and it returns what I need it to. Port 5000 is just one shelf within this chassis. I also need to monitor 5005, 5010, 5015...yet NPM appears unable to do this.

      Does anyone know of a workaround of how to add the same IP address, with multiple ports to be polled?

      This is my first experience with polling via a non standard SNMP port.

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          Since Orion can poll a device only on single port, a solution where you
          only have one node in Orion will involve having an external abstraction layer
          which would redirect the requests to the right port.


          I am not sure the above is possible.


          The only work around I see from the Orion NPM side is to add multiple times
          your device with different SNMP ports.


          Only the NodeID in the database has to be unique, so it will let you add
          the device as many times as you need and monitor this device like if you had
          multiple nodes.