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    SNMP custom fields

      Does anyone have an example of snmp custom fields?  Trying to get chassis-id out of my cisco switches...

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          Steve Welsh


          The following is an example of how to use the 'SNMP Custom 1' field within the Report.SNMP.System Summary activity, to get the System Serial Number from a Cisco 2950 Switch running IOS v12.1.

          Within the activity Options tab:

          1) Click the tick-box to the left of the 'SNMP Custom 1' field to add a tick to enable the field, then type the following OID in adjacent textbox:

          This will tell CatTools to collect the custom SNMP data.

          2) To display the custom SNMP data within the report, you now need to ensure the report header has the 'SNMP Custom 1' column enabled.  Within the 'Specify Report Header' section (top of the activity Options tab), scroll right to the 'SNMP Custom 1' column and click the tick-box to add a tick to include the column in the generated report.

          There are a couple of additional report header customization features available within the 'Specify Report Header' section:

          - to change the header text displayed for a column within the generated report, simply change the text in the row directly below the report header column to something more meaningful (for example:  System Serial Number  for the SNMP Custom 1 column).

          - to change the column display order when the report is generated, simply drag and drop a column to a new location.


          Hope this example helps with setting your Custom SNMP fields.