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    Custom poller values are not being summarized

      Can anybody help me with this one?

      I have configured three custom pollers in the Orion Universal Device Poller:


      • laLoad ( - measures the load average of a Unix server in the last minute, the last 5 minutes and the last 15 minutes. Orion reports this as a metric with three values, one value per row.
      • rsVPagesIn ( - measures the number of pages read from disk, one value per row.
      • rsVPagesOut ( - measures the number of pages written to disk, one value per row.

      I can graph all of these values on the Orion NPM interface; however, historical queries to laLoad only return NULL values. I only get answers when I select the "Status" column. Consequently, I can't summarize the laLoad values and thus I get a large number of data points per server; much larger than desktop applications such as Excel support ( > 65536 data rows).

      For rsVPagesIn and rsVPages out, this does not happen and their values are correctly summarized. Does this happen because Orion NPM does not summarize data unless I use a single OID for each custom poller?

      We run Orion NPM 9.1 SP5 here.