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    QoS on Riverbed Devices

      We are doing QoS on our Steel Head Riverbed Appliances not on our cisco routers. We do this because we don't manage our routers but we do manage our SH.

      We've got netflow configures on our SH and see the data regarding them. But i'm not seeing QoS data from our SH appliances.

      Do the QoS traffic metrics only work on cisco devices? Am I missing a configuration somewhere? Shouldn't netflow pass the QoS clasification?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      BTW, I'm running NTA 3.5 on Orion 9.5 SP2 Hotfix 1

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          I don't have an answer, but I am sure interested in finding out if you do.

          We are looking at Riverbed, and like you we don't manage the WAN routers (our WAN supplier does) So being able to add QoS "over the top" via Riverbed for VoIP is an attractive proposition.

          Good luck

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            QoS works perfectly with SHAs, especially when you're using the same CoS values than your provider and when you've paid for the service.

            If you already have the agreement of your provider, select the WAN int. of your appliance for the Netflow "captures", the DSCP values are seen only on the WAN flows (between the 2 SHA) as they are supposed to be handled by the WAN routers.

            Regarding the prioritization, I think it's the best way to avoid paying for the QoS service of your provider (but you need to be sure that it provides enough bandwidth on its backbone).
            The main issue is that Steelhead appliances are only handling only the TCP traffic, so there is no benefit for T/VoIP traffic (UDP).