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    TFTP Server Ver Error

      I'm current using Solarwinds Server Version  When TFTP'ing a router ACL from the server to a Cicso 3845 router, I receive the following error on TFTP server:

      Interrupted by client, received error packet with code: 0 and message: Session terminated

      The ACL appears to transfer to the router ok but I'm concerned about this error.  I don't encounter any error when tftp'ing from the router to the tftp server.  Anyone have any idea what is causing this?  Thanks

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          fhughes - I have seen this before and as long as the file got transferred, it is nothing to worry about.  If you sniff the TFTP exchange you will see a few packets that do not get acknowledged. The transfer then gets re-initiated by the device and completes.  The message you are seeing on the console is the previous transmit timing out.