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    New Tool Request: Password Generator


      If anyone is bored over there at Solarwinds a great new tool would be a password generator. Some of the features I would like to see are-

      The ability to select how many required characters. For example the password must have 2 CAPITAL letters, two lower case letters, 2 numbers and 2 special characters. It would generate something like 8v#C5w$Y

      The ability to select more or less of characters (ie like a slide bar). For example you could select a high number of lower case numbers and a low number of special characters, resulting in something like hiashdf&sjd

      Copy the password.

      Character Exclusion.

      DISA a real pain when it comes to password strength and requirements so a generator would be fantastic. I know this isn't really a network management tool, but I think your customers would find this very useful.