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    Inconsistent Page Title text in Tabs

    Malcolm Stewart



      I’m evaluating NPM 9.5 and have a little house-keeping task for you....


      I’m also evaluating IE8 and Firefox and enjoying having a few Orion pages across the Tabs.


      Most of the Resources have the correct Title in the Tab, ie, menu item Home is “Network Summary Home”,  Top 10 is ““Current Top 10 Lists”, Reports is “Orion Reports”, Manage Nodes is “Node Management” etc


      These ones all have the Page Title of “Orion Network Performance Monitor”; Events, Alerts, Traps, Overview, etc.


      There are probably many more but I’ll let you find them.  It would make sense that the Menu item was matched in the Tab title.  I think it’s the <head>< title> “text” that needs to be corrected in the html.