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    Hearbeat Alert?


      Is is possible to make a heartbeat alert?

      Another words make the system alert say once or twice a day at the same time each day just so you know its up.  Sometimes the only way I know something is wrong is if someone says "hey we have not gotten any alerts in like 12 hours".

      I figure a daily or twice daily heartbeat alert would help to avoid that so we could be more proactive.  If we missed a heartbeat then we would know something was up.

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          Oh yeah, I do this myself. I have the heartbeat alert fire off every 2 hours which may be overkill but that's how I roll. :)

          If you think it through, it's actually pretty simple:

          1) Have Orion monitor itself

          2) Set alert to trigger if the node status is up. If you have APM, you can take this further by monitoring all Orion services and trigger if they're up.

          3) For your trigger action, set the alert escalation to your preferred frequency

          A simple but effective heartbeat alert