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    Product enhancements list

    Stacy Patten

      Is is possible to get a look at, or maybe I just don't know where it is, a list of product enhancements in the works or planned?  I would like to know how loud I need to yell for a feature I really want vs. something I could care less about which may be higher on the chain.

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          Andy McBride

          Hi Stacy,

          Unfortunately, we're not able to give that level of information out. If you just let us know what the feature is and how important it is to you, say on a 1-10 scale, we can take that into account.


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              You should post what you are looking for.  It may be an idea that has already been brought up.

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                  Stacy Patten

                  For me to rate my Orion desires is pretty simple.

                  1 - Reporting.  The reporting is **** compaired to what other vendors provide.
                  2 - Modular Pages.  Provide more flexibility regarding content display.
                  3 - NCM Integration.  It is getting better but could use alot of help, like one database.

                  I think those are my top desires, one of which I have had for years.


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                      Can you elabaorate on these items.  We need specific items, use cases or things you cannot do today

                      What can you not do with reporting that you would like do to?

                      Can you provide some example of what you would like to display?

                      Regarding NCM integration, what else beyond a single database?

                      Are there specific features/items that are missing with the NCM 5.5 release?

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                          Stacy Patten

                          Graphing is a must
                          Easier calculation of timeframes/timezones, etc..
                          Information over time
                          example....       Device            Month1          Month2          Month3
                                                  node1        availability      availability     availability
                                                  node2        availability      availability     availability

                          Web Interface:
                          I'd like to drag and drop on the page the information, as many other tools offer (as in the studio).
                          I'd like to create pages of information from many nodes on one page, with ease.
                          I'd like to select timeframes within the graph itself for a drill down.
                          I'd like to be able to resize the graphs, at will.

                          NCM and Orion sharing a single DB would be great.
                          Both leveraging a single SNMP and Syslog engine.
                          A simple "checkbox" step in the device setup of Orion which would make it managed and you the ability to specify credentials.
                          Also, faster performance would be nicer as it takes forever to collect the 1200+ configurations, etc...

                          Overall I would like to see it run cleaner as this seems to be quite heavy in comparison to other equivalent tools.

                          I think there have been great strides made in the applications recently, and I am a huge Solarwinds fan, but there is always room for improvement.  Please take these as feature requests and not complaints, with the exception of graphing and reporting tables as that has been missing forever and it's getting old.


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                    Since were on the topic of improvements.......


                    A Feature request I would like to see added is the ability to see when a user makes changes.

                    Adds a node/ adds an interface/ deletes node or interface. Some type of event should be added when a user makes a change.