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    Ability to add Reason for Outage


      Hi All,

      I've been searching the forums to no avail.  I can find posts with people saying they would like this ability (see below), but none saying they've done it or know how to do it.

      We need the ability to put in a reason for an outage.  (e.g.:  If the node panepa.rtr goes down, we'd like to be able to go to the site details page on the web console (or some other way), while it's down & put in a reason, such as power outage, ISP outage, equipment failure, etc.) & have that reason linked to that outage timestamp.  They we could run a report showing the reason for these outages, how long the outage lasted, when it occurred, etc.

      Is this possible?  If it is, what does it entail?