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    Put Archiving feature back(?) and customize email subjects on notifications

      RCHIVE/CLEANUP Notifications should only occur when something was archived/cleaned. 


      So, I implemented an Archive feature for a customer that I've had running elswhere for 4+ years.   Only now it doesn't work due to the new archive/cleanup(v8) logic versus the previous Archive feature (vers7).

      Previously, Archive Notifications only went out when SOMETHING was archived. You didn't get emails saying... Kiwi did nothing.

      Now, everytime the archive or cleanup runs we get

      "No files matching the source file criteria were found."

      So after getting several days of hourly "nothing" emails everyone now completely ignores these messages and they provide no benefit.  I guess the assumption is if I was going to run cleanup/archive every minute I would never want any emails or I would get 1,440 emails a day (a bit excessive).

      Can we get back the functionality Archiving had prior to the new Archive/Cleanup implementation?