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    9.5 Reporting issue via the web

        When running the "Daily Node Availability > Availability - Last Month" report, the 9.5 web returns 2 months worth of data. Last month and the current month. When the report is run with Report Writer it pulls correctly and displays only the data from the previous month.

        I have attempted to clear the web cache, re-copy the report from another 9.1 server, and have also been able to replicate this on a second 9.5 install.

        Am I perhaps missing  a setting somewhere on the NPM web for the way it pulls the reports? Or is this a know issue?

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          I am seeing the exact same thing on my system with that report.  Shows fine with report writer, web view shows 2 months.

          I opened a case last week, but support has not proved a fix yet. the support engineer was no able to replicate the problem. Glad so see that I'm not the only one having this issue.

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              I have found another report that is displaying the wrong month on the web page. The availability report titled " Top 25 Percent Down - Last Month" displays correctly in report writer, showing data from last month(June). But when I view the report on the web page, it shows the current month (July). June doesn't show up at all on this page.

              Screenshot of report writer:


              Screenshot of same report in web console:


              Anybody have any idea why this is happening? SW guys/gals?