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    Displaying times in 24-hour format


      Using Orion NPM 9.1 SP2.  Orion NPM runs on a Windows Server 2003 R2 based system in the US.  Regional and Language Options:  standards and formats = English (United States) ... customised for the time format to be HH:mm:ss (e.g., 24-hour format).

      The server time zone is GMT (UTC) and does NOT have "automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes".

      We would like to have all time displayed by Orion NPM (especially the web pages) to be in 24-hour format. 

      I've searched through this forum - and found some posts (and one or two missing) but no clear answer.

      Don't want to change the format of the date display (which although is normally dd MMM yyyy it could be in US format especially for input).

      Any pointers or suggestions?  For extra points - would be nice to have time zone indicator added to the 24-hour display, i.e., 18:32Z or 14:15 UTC.  This would greatly help when we use output from Orion NPM to share with other people - to let them know what time zone the time information represents.