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    Working with 'Resources'?


      Hi :)  This question is coming up for me in regard to NTA but it applies to NPM in general.  It appears to be straightforward enough (to me) how to create or modify 'Views'.  However, Views are comprised of 'Resources' that you pick and choose from which are then presented on a web page as a 'View'.  My question is, is it me or is it not intuitive at all how to create and modify 'Resources'?  I'd like to be able to do this for the default Resources that NPM/NTA/APM come with out of the box and I'd also like to be able to create my own, potentially.  I know it's possible to do this because I've seen other people have done it.

      One thing to note - I *do* know that when I am looking at the web page of whatever 'View', each Resource on the page has an accompanying 'edit' button.  That doesn't get me what I want.  For example, in NTA, the 'NetFlow Traffic Analysis Summary' view, one of the included resource elements  is called 'Top 10 Netflow Sources by % Utilization'.  If I click its 'edit' button, all I am presented with is an opportunity to choose the maximum number of items the Resource will display.  What I *WANT* to be able to do is examine/modify all of the Resource's code.  In the case of this one, I know I have 4 Netflow sources out there.  When traffic levels drop below a certain point, this Resource doesn't list all of them.  It only shows 2 or 3 out of the 4.  It seems to be because as a function of percentage, the two that are being omitted have too low of a volume to be of interest to include showing.  I would like to be able to investigate and change that behavior.

      Where am I missing the correct turn to take for doing this?

      Thaaaanks!  ;)


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          Where am I missing the correct turn to take for doing this?

          You are not missing anything, you are simply looking for features that do not exist (yet).

          What you should do is review the code of the website (\inetpub\solarwinds\) and create your own resources based on information you found in the asp code of the files.

          Note: this is not supported and will probably make you dissapointed after each new release if your resources are no more working.

          In parallel to this you should post in the feature request section of this forum, if you already created the resources, why not posting the source code so that developers may integrate them in future releases, thus handling the support over new releases.

          This is what happened for few Syslog resources: Advanced syslog parser v.1.02

          They are now part of V9.5.