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    Advanced alert creation feature requests


      It's a 3-for-1!  Apologies if any of these are in other places, I didn't see them in a quick search.


      1. When creating an alert, there's the test button. In that window, PLEASE change to a control where you can type in the name of the host and interface you want to use. It takes a long time to scroll through things if you don't want to test on the first host.


      2. Could you make the test window not a child of the alert management dialog? The reason for this is that you end up doing this while customizing alerts:

        a) edit your alert. Save

        b) click test. Take a while pulling down host and interface menus. Click test fire alert. Wait for it to come through. Be disappointed. Close dialog.

        c) edit alert. Make changes. Save.

        d) go to 2b


      3. It would be very, very helpful if there was some kind of "live variable expansion" view when editing your advanced alerts messages ("insert variable") dialog. For example, if i could pull up a dialog and pick a device and interface, then i click on "CustomBandwidth" and see what the result is. This is in contrast to what i do now (esp for custom pollers) where i apply a hundred different variaables and test fire, looking for the one that says exactly what i'm looking for.


      Thanks much!!