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    APM monitors (status) on maps

      It would be nice to have the ability to add APM monitor status to maps. I'd like the ability to create application status maps that would show the overall status of applications that are comprised of multiple servers/server farms.  The application itself wouldn't necessarily go down just because one service or process goes down due to the redundancy built into the server farm setup. It would be very nice to see the overall status of the top level application all the way down to each of the processes on the servers so we can easily and visually see any issues that an application is having even if it isn't being affected by it.

      I have attached an example map that should help in visualizing what I'm thinking. each layer including the clouds would show the status based on the services below it. basically everything under the top cloud would affect the status of it. If there is a full redundant failure below it would show red all the way up. if it was just a partial failure (only losing one service in a server farm) it would show yellow all the way up.




      Not sure if any of this is would ever be possible but from a NOC standpoint I think it would be a huge improvement to the Maps/atlas feature of the program.