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    Orion vs PRTG




      does anyone have some comparison document between Orion NPM and PRTG?




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          One place I would recommend starting is reading why others like SolarWinds and Orion, which can be found here

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              Hate to revive a dead topic, but I want the same comparison.


              With the list price of just over $26,000 for the unlimited version of NPM, I have to justify why we want this over the $11k unlimited version of PRTG.


              User opinion is one thing - I need a Feature - Feature comparison.

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                  You'll have a hard time finding unbiased feature-feature comparisons, I think. Are there specific features that you want to verify exist on the platforms? That might make your task easier.

                  It requires time, but I feel the best way to compare the two is to run trial installations and get some data to work with.

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                I actually have both where I work and I use both, although yea I definitely swing a more towards SolarWinds. I could post a long review (maybe I will later just for future reference ) But one thing i really do like for SolarWinds is how modular the Orion platform is. You may not need specific features now, but later you can add them on and they integrate almost seamlessly. We have the NCM Module on top of our NPM and its given me a pretty beast platform to use to manage more than just monitoring. Also i haven't been on the PRTG forums, but (Totally Bias opinion) Thwack is an amazing forum with lots of helpful people. Its actually my first online forum i've ever joined and i love it here ^^ not to mention SolarWinds tech support is also pretty snappy.