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    adding interfaces - comparing apples to snowplows ??


      I installed Netflow Traffic Analyzer 3.1 last Friday. I log into Orion today and I notice event messages about following the link to add Interface '#229". Ok, that's fine. But, I click on the link and I get a list of standard interface names with checkboxes next to them. Again....fine.

      Now, how do I use the supplied information interface '#219' to help me select from interfaces named GigabitEthernet0/1, Vlan122, etc. ? At the moment, the only way I know to associate a standard interface name to the what looks like it's an interface ID is to open the administration tool, browse the tree to the appropriate device and look at interface details one at a time until I find out which interface is '#219'.

      I figure I must be missing something because at this point, I'm left trying to compare apples to snowplows.


                Dan Goodale - Network Engineer