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    Network Atlas Questions

      I have a few questions about Network Atlas. 

      1) Can you display APM status for Nodes on a map.  It appears the answer is no.

      2) Is there any way to add some shapes to create logic groupings, e.g. in a map that shows a number of servers that make up a service, to group servers by a colored shape.

      3) I have read some posts that lead me to believe that you can add variables for the nodes displayed to get additional information.  Is this true?  How do you do that?

      4) Anyone want to comment on how they use Network Atlas.  I am not sure if I am missing the point, but it seems to be missing a lot of features one would expect.

      I did run this by tech support but the person I spoke with said they could help with configuration and troubleshooting but nothing on the design end.  Thanks.