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    CPU at 100% utilization when it is not

      My windows 2003 Enterprise Server SP2 is running Solarwind NPM version 8.5.  the hardware is Dell 2650 with 6GB of RAM.  Normally CPU is running at 20% utilization.  I also have this device under Orion NPM as well.

      As a test, I tried to compress a 10Gig file.  The CPU went from 20% to 100% utilization.  So far so good.


      The issue is that after the file compression is done, CPU went back to 20% but Orion NPM still stays at 100% utilization. 

      Anyone knows why that is?  By the way, upgrading to version 9.5 is not an option because we no longer purchased support for this.   Our standard monitoring system is Open source NMIS.  Orion NPM is our legacy system.


      Many thanks.

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          Don't think upgrading to 9.5 would help anyway based on the fact that I have seen the same issue and I am running NPM 9.5 sp4.   Have found that if I unmanage the device and then remanage it about 15 minutes later the problem clears leading me to believe it's an NPM issue and not a server side SNMP issue.  Have also setup a UnDP to collect utilization stats per cpu and have seen that when   NPM's default Avg CPU calculation pegs at 100 I can see at no time did any of the individual cpus get anywhere near 100%. So it appears to me the bug  is in the average calculation NPM does in the background and why when it hits this bug it continues to reurgitate this bogus stat is a complete mystery.