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    Engineers Toolset V10.2 integration with Orion NPM


      I have installed the software and have had a few issues with licensing,but now this is finally working.However it still doesn't load from within Orion NPM.Before I used to be able to rightclick any node and get up a list of tools,but now I get nothing.When I click on the interface dials,I get an error message saying "I need to activate  Active X in my browser",but this is already done.When I go to 'Manage Add Ons' in my browser (IE 8),I can't see the SWToolset.exe  (yet my colleague does).Is there any way to manually load this?

      I am at a loss and have had a couple of Support guys from Solarwinds take a look and they can't see anything wrong,(apart from the active X doesn't seem to work).The toolset works on its own,it is just the integration that doesn't.