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    Engineers edition 10 - NPM

      Is it possible to increase the database size beyond the 2GB setting? I do not wish to reduce the sites monitored but flexible otherwise.

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          No, this is not possible. It is a limitation of the Ms Access DB format.

          This is why Orion NPM has been created among other features available => http://www.solarwinds.com/products/orion/

          If you do not have the budget granted to move to Orion NPM, there is a work around.

          You could create a Toolset NPM DB that contains only the settings and no stats. Keep this copy safe.

          When you reach the 2GB limit, replace the file with the empty one and restart Toolset NPM.

          Backup the full DB and keep it in a safe place. You will then be able to restore the required file to view historical stats whenever required.

          You can open the Toolset DB in Ms Access to delete historical stats and create your "config" db.



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              Yup this'll do nicely.

              Unfortunately I dont have a "fresh" NPM DB with just the devices maybe i can groom out current records from existing DB and make a copy of that. I don't mind shuffling DB's for a short while.

              btw - where is the NPM db default location ?  thanks.

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                  A fresh DB is specific to each installation...you create one when you decide to use this method.

                  it should be there C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SolarWinds\SWNetPerfMon.cfg .

                  if not check in \Program Files\SolarWinds\Engineer's Toolset\ for the same file.

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                  Thanks Yann. Have been playing with a copy, seems straight forward enough. Will keep me going until my new server arrives which will allow me to rebuild my Orion svr.  Stumbling around in the dark without some netmon tools hence the engineers setup as a temp solution - good enough though. Thanks again for your responses, very helpful  Rgds