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    Feature Request: Universal Device Poller "Forumla" Limitations


      We do some pretty extensive capacity reports using the universal device poller. One thing we learned recently with the addition of new circuits is that the 'Formula' field in the CustomPollers database table actually performs the math based on the names of the custom pollers and it's limited to 1000 characters.

      For our capacity reports, we use fairly large names for the custom pollers and since the database uses nvarchar(1000), we actually reached the largest possible size for this field for one of the reports.

      1) Is it possible to have this column sized increased to support larger equations by SolarWinds? I know it can be done by altering the column ourselves, but that wouldn't be supported by SolarWinds if we implemented it.

      2) Is it possible to make use of a unique key for custom pollers to perform the math rather than on the name of the custom poller itself? This would save on space within the Formula column.