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    Run Time Error in Map maker


      Version 9.1 sp 5

      Runtime Error is experienced, after clicking the ok, the application closes.

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          I suggest you to run a repair on the installation and then reapply the SP5. Ensure you are logged under a local administrator account.

          Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

          Select Orion Network Performance Monitor and click on Change.

          Select the Repair option and follow the steps.

          If that does not help, run a process monitor trace to see where it hangs.



          Also you did not mention which Run Time error you are getting (e.g. 91, 5 etc.)



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              I forgot to take note of the run time error. This occurred 3 times already. We can't upgrade to 9.5 for now until it becomes stable, maybe on the release of service pack 3. We still have to  make our client accept the current version before we could upgrade. Is this runtime error seen regularly in map maker? I'll check the link you have sent. Thanks!