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    Change status of node when node has active alert


      Posted this a while back, just thought I would check to see if this is possible.... Is it possible to have the node status change if there is an active alert associated with that node. Example. I have an advanced alert that checks drive space usage, 85% is warning, 90% is critical. The node status does not reflect if there is an alert, I.E. i would want it to change to yellow or red depending on the highest severity of all active alerts associated with that node. The way it is now the status just tells me that its on the network and reachable. Does not indicate that perhaps the root drive is out of space, the print spooler has stopped, and the cpu is about to catch on fire! My end result is to have a map with environments that contain nodes (a sub map) when there is anything wrong (alert) with any of the node, the environment status would change, making it easy to determine if there is an issue with any of the environments.