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    Alerting Based on Transform

      I want to create several alerts that trigger based on values of Transforms.  For example, Orion pulls temperature from my Dell server as Celsius * 10 and I created a transform that divided by 10 and converted to Fahrenheit.  This is fine because Dell only shows this - they don't show the value in Fahrenheit.  The Transform works perfectly, and the alerts fire correctly on values that I set, but my variables that I use in my email messages show incorrect values.  I have tried the following variables:  ${CustomPollerStatus.RawStatus}, ${CustomPollerStatus.Rate}, ${CustomPollerStatus.Status}.  Sometimes he value of the undp that the transform refers to is returned.  Other times a value of a random undp assigned to the same node will be returned.  For example, if I use a transform and set it up like said to fire when the server goes above 75 degrees, the alert fires fine like it is supposed to, but my email messages (based on any of the three variables I just mentioned) might say the temperature is 370, or 5000 (fan speed undp), a 1 (raid state undp), and etc.

      I contacted support about this and was told that since the transform's data isnt stored in the database, there is no variable to use to poll that data to use for the alert.  Also, that version 10 should have more customizable features with undp.  I would like to put in a request for this to be looked at.  If anyone else would like this request added also, please reply.  Thanks.