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    Orion sending false alerts

      Orion NPM (currently running on SP5 of version 9.1) keeps alerting us on an interval of 60sec that a network printer has rebooted even though the printer is still online. I have carried out the following troubleshooting steps - Ensuring that both device and the switch port is connected to are on the same duplex and speed settings. I have tried configuring them both as auto and then speed 100/duplex full but that hasn't changed anything. I am hoping solarwinds can advise why orion would send out false alerts that the device has rebooted. The printer model in this incident is a konica Minolta 7145 and its a multifunctional device

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          We look at sysUptime from the device, so if this is resetting for some reason, we will consider the device has been rebooted.  Is this something you can check with the vendor if this is a known issue on their side and may require a firmware upgrade?

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            If the snmpd daemon/service restarts, the device gets a reboot notification.  I have a product that resets the snmp service when custom tags in a database changes, because it resets all kinds of services.

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                thanks bshopp, The sysUptime for the device is constantly on 0, so everytime orion polls it which in our case is 60secs, orion thinks the machine has rebooted and fires out an alert which is exactly what its suppose to do. I will check with konica Minolta to see if they have a fix