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    Need to Filter the alerts in the allalerts.resource in NPM 9.5



      Here is my dilemma.

      Would like to upgrade  orion npm 9.1 to  9.5 .

      As we need some of the new features i.e unpluggable ports and new wireless features.

      But I have one big issue with the upgrade.


      I have some custom resources in ASP.

      I can fix or work around all the resources but one.

      This  custom resource is one that is based on the AllAlerts.resource.

      This has been changed to only display alerts that the EventMessage  beings  with keyword.

      So the orion page for the BioMed  group will only see alerts that the EventMessage begins  with BioMed or the Desktop group will only see alerts that beings  with Desktop.

      This was done by adding the AlertName LIKE ‘BioMed  %‘  to all the Where lines  for the sql select command .

      With the change to asp.net it looks like all the sql commands have move in to the DLL files. And cannot be changed.

      I have not done any work in asp.net before and cannot see any way to do this.



      This is a very big issue for me.  And will prevent me from upgrading to 9.5!!!

      As the some groups must not see the alerts intended for other groups.


       Any help would be appreciation.