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    Nodes going into warning when they are not.


      We monitor devices behind ASA's by mapping high ports of a public IP to port 161 of each device, then map the IP, or whats left of it to another device so ICMP works. This has been working OK up until recently. Now we are getting 5 or more devices out of 30 in warning state almost continually from one customers ASA.  Polling related? NAT? The Orion server is behind an ASA for public IP's and bypasses the ASA for private IP's. This is only happening with one particular public IP.


      This started the other day after I had to squeeze the database, do a maintenance run and finally reboot both the DB server and the NPM server to get the web interface to load the node pages. After I did all that, and made sure both servers are up to date on windows updates, this problem has appeared. I am currently set up to poll at the recommended settings on the server. Before this I would occasionally get 1 or 2 devices to go to warning, but now its up to 8 at a time.


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