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    Announcing Orion NTA 3.5 General Availability

    Andy McBride

      New Features in this Version

      Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version 3.5 includes the following new features:

      • Class-based Quality of Service Resources - New resources for monitoring and reporting class-based quality of service (CBQoS) policies and metrics enable you to quickly see how your enabled CBQoS policies are handling traffic on your network.
      • Optional Ingress- and Egress-specific Monitoring - Monitor and display statistics for all traffic either entering any interface (ingress), exiting any interface (egress), or both entering and exiting any interface.
      • IP Flow Information Export Support - Orion NTA now supports monitoring devices using the developing IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) standard for traffic analysis.
      • Unmonitored Ports Information - This version of Orion NTA provides additional data about unmonitored ports and applications.
      • Enahnced Web Console Performance - Additional options related to DNS resolution in Orion NTA resources can improve overall web console performance.
      • Flow Collection on Multiple Ports - Orion NTA now supports the collection of Flow records on multiple ports.