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    Location information


      We have a lot of nodes at a lot of different locations across the globe.  We have created custom fields in the database so that we can have location specific information.  Rather than add that information in for each node is there a way to enter the data once and then when you click into the information for the node it goes to where you have the location information stored and pulls that and drops it into a variable?

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          Your question is not clear for me. Are you trying to perform a bulk update of the Location information?

          Which version of NPM are you running?

          Thanks in advance for detailing further.


          If you are tring to update this field for multiple nodes at once, you can try the following in NPM 9.5:

          Connect to the web console as an Admin.

          Click on Admin > Manage Nodes.

          Select multiple nodes and click on Edit Properties.

          Scroll to the bottom and edit the Custom properties for the nodes selected.

          Click on Submit.




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              I forgot to add that the Location information is by default retrieved by SNMP.

              So if you wish to update this value, reconfigure the SNMP agents on the monitored devices.

              If you are instead using a custom property, the previous post could help.