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      I am trying to filter out the Down Interfaces resource to only show Down Interfaces which do not have a custom property (in this case a ticket number) assigned.  I am having problems getting the syntax right.

      TicketNumber not like '*'      I would think would work, but it doesn't display results in my testing..

      Anyone have any thoughts?

      Ticketnumber is a text-field.

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          Wildcards are not supported, at least not by using the asterisk.  What you are looking for is:

          Match all
           - Node Status is Down
           - Node Ticketnumber is empty

          However, I've found some inconsistencies with "is empty" and records that are null.  I can't remember off the top of my head how "NULL" is interpreted by report writer, so maybe someone else can chime in here.

          EDIT:  Sorry, I thought this was report writer.  See kweise's suggestion below.

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            I haven't tried filtering for an empty value, but you might try something like this:

            TicketNumber <> '*' or TicketNumber <> ' ' or maybe TicketNumber <> null

            Let me know if this helps or not.

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              Something like this should work

              TicketNumber is not null and TicketNumber <> ''

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                  I tried all of those...

                  Really I am trying to sort out interface outages where tickes have NOT been assigned meaning a null value in the TicketNumber field..

                  No luck on those that were posted, any other thoughts?

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                      You might try running this query and see what values show up in the TicketNumber field for the currently down interfaces.  Note that I am assuming that the TicketNumber custom property is a field in the nodes table.

                      select Nodes.Caption, Nodes.TicketNumber, Interfaces.Caption, Interfaces.StatusLED from interfaces join nodes on Interfaces.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID where Interfaces.StatusLED = 'Down.gif' or Interfaces.StatusLED = 'Unknown.gif'