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    Can I transform a UDP status result?

      I have successfully configured some universal device pollers and published to the website.

      The UDP poller is configured to advise of the status of HSRP on a given vlan of a Cisco


      The status is returned as 6 if active and 5 if standby.

      This result is published in a raw format to the web and  I need to tranform the result somehow so that the 6 is shown as active and the 5 as standby.

      Is there a way to do this? (I've played with udp tranform results but no joy yet).



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          Yes, you can do this. Edit the UnDP, click on the "show Advanced Options". In the advanced options, choose "raw value", then under the Format drop down, choose "enumeration". Once you select that the "Map Values" button becomes avalable. click that, you will then be able to assign text to the various values returned by the poller.

          You would enter 6 in column 1, then type "active" in column 2. Press the enter key to add more rows.

          This will transform the numbers to the mapped text.

          You might have to change the way the poller is displayed on the website to make it look right. Not sure off the top of my head.

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