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    Can I change the average response threshold?

      I am a new user to Orion and have been building up my network.

      I have sites that are giving me over 200 m/s response times which are not really erroring that is just the response we get due to the network we are using to get to the devices. I would like to increase the alert time to 300m/s as I am currently getting a lot of alerts in my event log. (I am getting a reponse time of around 210 - 240 m/s on most of the deices we monitor)

      I can not find where I can change this particular threshold.

      I am using:

      PackageOrion NPM v9 SL500
      ReleaseOrion 9.5.0 May 2009

      Any advice on where I should be looking to change this setting would be most appreciated.