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    Orion NPM 9.5 Service Pack 2 Available


      SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor 9.5 - Service Pack 2


      This service pack requires either Orion Network Atlas or Orion Network Performance Monitor version 9.5 (Orion NPM 9.5). This service pack should be installed on all Orion NPM servers, including any and all Additional Poller, Additional Website, and Hot Standby servers, and on all computers on which Orion Network Atlas is installed.

      Orion NPM version 9.5 Service Pack 2 addresses the following issues:
      - The SolarWinds Orion Module Engine service now stops and restarts as designed when an Orion NPM server reboots.
      - Tabular Universal Device Pollers now correctly update the Orion database with new device connections.
      - The trend line feature has been included as an option for all "Total"-type charts.
      - An error related to the Database Maintenance procedure that creates hourly summaries of historical data has been fixed.
      - Values reported in interface-related Top X resources are now rounded to two decimal places. 
      - Node captions now update correctly when they are edited using Web Node Management.
      - The web console correctly displays custom properties in custom Orion APM and Orion NTA reports.
      - Nodes designated temporarily as unmanaged now properly respect configured management time periods.
      - It is now possible to remove the trend lines feature from Universal Device Poller charts.
      - Average and peak values are now presented correctly in Orion Report Writer traffic reports.
      - An error related to the creation of rogue access point reports has been corrected.
      - An issue on some installations with Orion Network Traffic Analyzer where the installation wizard hangs before loading the configuration wizard has been corrected.
      - The border has been removed from the sample map on the Network Summary Home view for new installations.
      - The ${Status} variable has been restored for monitored interfaces and volumes.
      - Default resources deleted from web console views are no longer automatically restored after running the configuration wizard.
      - Customized views are no longer automatically restored to their default configurations after running the configuration wizard.
      - Web console performance with respect to loading large and nested network maps has been improved.
      - The Syslog view in the web console now displays appropriate severity icons with each listed Syslog message.
      - Web Node Management now supports sorting nodes by both read-only and read/write community strings.
      - Custom reports using advanced SQL queries and grouping now display correctly in the web console.
      - SQL filtering in All Nodes and Down Nodes resources has been restored.
      - Double quote (") characters in interface names and captions no longer reveal HTML coding in the Network Map resource.
      - Custom reports that include event time fields now display correctly in the web console.
      - The Advanced Node Details resource now displays correctly in the web console.
      - Reports created in Orion Report Writer before the Orion Web Console was implemented are now viewable in the web console.
      - Properties of objects represented by custom graphics on Network Atlas maps can now be edited, as designed.
      - Sorting has been restored to the Volumes with High Percent Utilization resource in the web console.
      - Selected default Database Maintenance settings have been edited to improve overall performance.
      - The ability to export report data to .csv, .txt, .xml, .xls, and .html formats has been restored.
      - Nodes imported using Web Node Management that are designated as external are no longer designated as ICMP-only.
      - Additional Aruba wireless controller platforms are now supported for wireless monitoring.
      - The EnergyWise entity power level is now correctly displayed for all EnergyWise-enabled interface entities.
      - Images on maps created in Map maker are now retained through an upgrade to Network Atlas, as designed.
      - The ability to import custom graphics to represent device states on maps has been added to Network Atlas.
      - An issue limiting the ability of the ImportMapBatch utility to import more than 8 maps at once has been fixed.
      - The directory where copies of new maps created with Network Atlas has been corrected, so these maps are now available for viewing in the web console.
      - The advanced alerting engine has been updated to continue alerting when the database connection is lost and then reconnected.

      Orion NPM version 9.5 Service Pack 1 addressed the following issues:
      - 95th percentile reports now properly respect user account limitations.
      - An OID has been added to the SolarWinds MIB database to fix an error that would cause the trap service to stop responding.
      - Maps displayed in the web console, including nested maps, now correctly respect account limitations.
      - An error message has been provided to indicate when listing the interfaces on a selected node will exceed the license.
      - The Configuration Wizard now allows Unicode SQL User Names.
      - Edits to settings, including both the Default Interface Poll and the Default Rediscovery Intervals, on the Orion Polling Settings page are now recognized properly.
      - A memory leak created during initialization of a third-party control has been fixed.
      - Network Atlas now allows manual editing of font sizes.
      - Edits to the Network Map resource titles are now retained through an upgrade.
      - The Search for Wireless Clients resource has been updated.
      - The calculation of energy savings on EnergyWise Power Consumption Summary reports has been corrected.
      - A condition where data is missing from some EnergyWise graphs has been fixed.
      - It is now possible to maintain the Orion Web Console alongside multiple other websites on supported operating systems, provided each website is on its own port.
      - The Advanced Alert Manager now provides the correct Current Levels for alerts on EnergyWise entities.
      - Tooltips on nested maps in the Network Map resource of the web console now display as designed.
      - The List of Objects on Network Map resource properly respects user account limitations.
      - Monitored thin access points are no longer removed from the List of Thin Access Points resource when they go down.
      - Difference and counter calculations used in wireless resources have been corrected.
      - The Traps view of the web console properly respects user account limitations.
      - Correct percent packet loss values are now reported on the Average Response Time & Packet Loss resource.
      - Customized Top XX resources on the Top 10 view of the web console now display correct titles.
      - An issue resulting in data apparently missing from some wireless resources has been fixed.
      - The Toolset integration executable has been updated, and it is now signed.
      - EnergyWise Readiness Reports now display "Yes" and "No", instead of "0" and "1", respectively.
      - Network Wide Average Response Time charts now properly respect custom time period settings.
      - The performance of some web console resources has been improved to decrease response and load times.
      - A condition causing an Orion Website Error when a listed IP address is clicked in a Last XX Traps resource has been fixed.
      - The Search Wireless Nodes resource has been included with this service pack.
      - The Bulk Upload network discovery selection method now functions correctly.
      - Adding a wireless access point using the Add Node feature of Web Node Management now proceeds as designed.
      - Wireless resources now properly respect user account limitations.
      - When a link is assigned to a single node on a Network Atlas map, the assignment is now saved and the link itself provides a hyperlink to the appropriate Node Details web console view.
      - An issue regarding the maximum power consumption line on EnergyWise resources has been corrected.
      - An improved method is now used to detect EnergyWise-enabled devices running an unsupported IOS.
      - An issue that could suspend polling or rediscovery started from Web Node Management has been fixed.
      - The SQL Server Compatibility Level is now checked and then reset, if needed.
      - Errors found while running the Configuration Wizard on a repair have been fixed.
      - After an upgrade to Network Atlas, existing child map links open in the same window as their parent maps, as designed.
      - Links on child maps are now retained, as designed, through an upgrade to Network Atlas.

      To install this service pack, run Orion-9.5-Update.exe or Orion-9.5-Update-Eval.exe.

      The following files, using the default installation volume, are updated during the installation of this service pack:
      - C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Installers\InformationService2.0SP1.msp
      - C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\OrionAlertingEngine.exe

      For more information, contact Technical Support at www.solarwinds.com/support.