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    Network Atlas


      i use the Orion NPM v.9.5 sp1 and use Network Atlas.

      i has some problem on MAP, I monitor Network Router (Cisco) and Interface on Router.

      when router is down the interface show status is Unknow. how configure NPM show interface is down will Router is down.

      And Map on the Network atlas i has line show link between network Object. can i set show Appearance on line.

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          Can you provide some more information?  If the node is down, the interfaces should show as down as well.

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              Thank for reply.

              Our monitor example.

              I monitor Cisco Router and monitor Serial interface on this router. when router all link is down (both main and backup). Solarwinds show router is down but on the serial interface show unknow status. (the serial interface is main link.

              if you missing understand, please reply to me.

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                  more information.

                  Our Effect is when i group monitor node to MAP. MAP not show this our site is down when router is down, because on interface router is unknown status.

                  can i configure will node is down all monitor item on node must down.