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    Total Frustration With 9.5


      I've opened tickets, had Solarwinds Engineers on my system, blew away and re-installed from scratch the whole of NPM 9.5 and still my system is fully useless. I have some 12000 objects being monitored, 2 polling engines running on healthy servers. My SQL 2005 Enterprise DB is on the same box as Orion (as it has always been) but since the 9.5 upgrade I've had almost too many problems to outline here. The worst by far is the polling engines not running and flip-flopping on and off. I also do not trust the integrity of my data base since I am getting messages like "Given key not present" and other odd-ball seeming to be SQL messages. I'd like to completely start from the beginning, totally remove all Orion from both my pollers, re-install the code, rebuild the web site, rediscover the network and fullly reconstruct the database, i.e. make like a new customer. The new DB will go to a seperate machine.

      How best to accomplish this task and secondly, should I try to move the database first and see how things go.

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          I have also had so many issues with 9.5 that there are too many to go into.

          In the end I have started from scratch on a fresh server. Installed the 9.5/sp1+hotfixes etc and imported both the Netperfmon database and the ConfigurationManagement database.

          I am lucky that I am working on a non production network at the moment but it has been very frustrating.

          I have been pretty disappointed for the first time with a Solarwinds upgrade and I've been using Solarwinds products for many years.

          Good Luck

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            I'm sorry to hear that the upgrade hasn't gone well.  Your case sounds especially challenging.  We are not pleased with the number of issues we've seen, and we are engaged in discussions of changes we can make to ensure that future releases provide for smoother upgrades.  So I apologize for the troubles you've had.


            As for what you should do, I'm hesitant to advise anything outside of Support.  If you've had Engineering and Support working with you, I would advise you to keep getting your advice from them.  See what they think about a clean install.

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                Thanks for the replys. Yes, this was the first real nasty upgrade. Release notes didn't quite make it clear that some fundamental changes were being made. My mai issue is I don't have a test-bed, I only have production. That's going to have to change. Still and all, it is a good product and I like it but a full re-install is going to mashup my weekend petty well. I've only been on the product for a year or so and since I do this part of my job as almost a filler, I've not customized a whole lot, just a ton of reports and web view changes. The discovery process is my biggie, I'm a little apprehensive of how well the new sonar thing is going to work going through the entire network. I've had it crap out trying to re-discover my 1000 node server network. I'm trying a couple of things now, improved poller load-balancing then perhaps I can get the DB folks to move my DB to another SQL box. Gonna be a long day :-(

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                    Just out of experience I would say having that large of an install with your SQL DB and main box coesixting would be almost a disaster.

                    The busiest peice by far and the thing that always seems to be the bottleneck for performance is SQL.

                    Just shooting off the hip, but moving that to another box I would think would do you worlds of good.  Maybe a night and day difference.

                    We moved our DB recently (put SW on its own SQL box) and the process is actually very easy.  Once your DBAs move the DB all you have to do is run the config wizard on your boxes and repoint.