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    Practice Exam?


      Is there a practice exam and/or quiz system in the works?  Gauging preparedness is such a ****-shoot with certification exams.

      This cert is high on my list for this year.  Way to go SolarWinds!

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          We currently do not have a practice exam released.  It is a topic of discussion, but getting through the initial launch was 1st priority.  We tried to ensure the content on the certificaiton site provides a full understanding of the knowledge requirements, but I understand it can be difficult to gauge if you are ready for a certification exam. 

          I recommend you review the exam objectives, watch the 13 videos on the site, and review the webcasts & other resources to gain a full understanding of what the exam will test you on.

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              Done all that, but you could still ask me a 100 different questions still... is there a list of recommended reading for the holidays?

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                  There is a list of recommended readings which can be found in the Learning Center, under each exam section.  The recommendations are for books which can be purchased through Amazon, or other sources. 

                  Additionally, there are a few SolarWinds employees currently studying for the exam and creating an exam prep guide at the same time.  After the guide is somewhat complete, I'll ask them to share it with the community so others can benefit.  I'd like to include sample questions in the guide to provide some insight into the types of questions the exam contains. 

                  Look for a post in the certification forum over the next couple of weeks for the guide contents.  but for now, here is an example of the type of question you can expect to be on the exam:

                  A network engineer has been asked to monitor an Object Identifier (OID) using a custom poller. The custom poller does not seem to be working, so the engineer takes a packet capture from the router in question.

                  To best filter the capture data and determine if the router is sending information about that OID, what would the engineer filter on?

                  A. destination IP address of the network management system (NMS) and  port 162  

                  B. destination IP address of the router and port 161

                  C. destination IP address of the network management system (NMS) and port 161

                  D. destination IP address of the router and port 162