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    Newbie Advice

      We are a small legal firm in the UK and looking to upgrade from some open source tools we are using.  We are considering NPM and other solutions.  

      What are the strengths of NPM?

      Does any one have experience with the following?  http://tinyurl.com/ntzye5


      Thanks in advance.

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          Eye Of The Storm?!!

          Thats a horror from my past. The company I work for used to resell it but we gave it up in favour of Solarwinds, but that was 5 years or so ago so it may have changed a lot since I last looked at it. It was difficult to configure and maintain back then

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              Thanks darryld.  I assume the configuring issue was just at install - so a one-time thing.  Besides, this is a new version (NPE) that is supposed to auto-configure easily.

              What features are valuable to you in Orion to make the switch?


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                From what I have seen, this product (or the new variant) has probably come a long way in the last 5 years from what you sold. 

                We beta tested it, and it's pretty good.  Installed quickly, and the autodiscovery and live map saved a lot of manual effort.   Worth a look, IMHO.

                Incidentally, I think Entuity is a UK company, so support would be in your timezone over there.

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                Since I work for SolarWinds, I would also recommend looking at this forum where other users have given their reviews of the SolarWinds products