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    Switch Port Mapper v10:  Level3 device not reporting IP address or dns entry

    Jason Ward


      Not sure if anyone else has seen this (don't see any posts) but I am concerned about the data I am getting out of the switch port mapper program with regards to devices.  When I run the program both manually and via the command line, I am seeing a bunch of MAC entries for devices (ADIC tape library, Windows 2003 servers, Solaris units, etc) without the IP Address or the dns resolved name.  In some cases I do get the IP Address but not dns resolution - a simple ping from the server shows that it is resolving.

      Now for the funny thing, these same devices are in my NPM installation and resolve properly both MAC and IP address.  Has anyone else seen this, is there some configuration that I am missing with regards to port mapper or maybe my HP switches?


      Da Haole