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    passing Username/Password to NPM via iframe from another site - this is killing me!


      So the boss wants to see the 24 hour network availability chart embedded on the home page of our website.

      Reading another thwack post, I try to iframe a PrintableCustomChart, thusly


      <iframe src="$ContentPlaceHolder1$Username=Guest&ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$Password=guest" width=675 height=425 id=myFrame>

      All that displays in the iframe when viewed is the SolarWinds NPM Login screen.  No credentials are passed.  I was guessing that "ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$Username=Guest" might work from looking at the html source for the login page, no dice.  I tried various mutations of the above, no joy either.

      Can any of you smart folks figure out a solution to my quest?


      tia, -Horch