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    UNDP to DB to Report



      I'm still finding my way around but am retrieving data I need for a lot of devices. I've made a universal device poller that looks at a table in an F5 load balancer that contains the throughput in bytes per VIP. I've got this coming up on a screen on webpage but I need it placed into a report. I've played with the reporting tool and it is unfathomable to me so far. Our company has a goot reporting tool but the DBA who runs it is having a lot of trouble constructing the query needed to extract the correct data. I'm struggling to help as I don't know much about the database side of things and because it's a table I'm retrieving it's not obvious to me how to grab the data I want. Any idea how I can either learn how to better use Solarwinds own reporting for this kind of thing or who I can help the DBA find the correct data in the database?


      Thanks a lot.