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    EnergyWise Help or assistance

      I have a test 3750 that is only trunked into a test network.  Nothing is connected to the 3750 but the trunk interface (fa1/0/1).

      I upgraded to the latest code, and issued the following commands:

      Conf t - energywise domain blah blah secret blah blah.

      when I "show energywise" it shows some stats.

      In Orion, the 3750 shows up as Energywise enabled, but there are no stats on the energywise homepage.
      I went into Manage Nodes on the website.  Found the 3750, and clicked on other tasks - energywise management.  Filled out the feilds to the best of my knowledge, uploaded and saved to nvram.

      Waited a half hour, and still nothing on the energywise page in Orion, but the 3750 still lists as "enabled".

      Anyone feel like jumping in?

      I am sure I am way off the mark, as this was implemented on a whim, and I have not read enough from Cisco regarding energywise.

      Anyone see any glaring mistakes?


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          Do you have EW enabled only at the chassis level or also on some ports as well?

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              Hi Brandon,

              I believe it is only enabled on the chassis level. 

              HPL-2S-SPARE-3750#sho energywise
              Interface   Role              Name                  Usage      Lvl   Imp  Type
              ---------   ----              ----                  -----      ---   ---  ----
                          WS-C3750-48P      Test_Enegywise        89.0  (W)  10    1    parent


              I noticed the Interface column is blank.

              If I go into the only interface that connects to something, I get these results:

              HPL-2S-SPARE-3750(config-if)#energywise ?
                importance  A rating of the importance this EnergyWise entity has in the
                keywords    EnergyWise keywords associated with this entity
                level       Set the EnergyWise level of this interface or attached entity
                name        EnergyWise name for this entity
                role        The role this EnergyWise entity has in the network


              Not sure what, if anything, I should config for the interface.  Any suggestions???