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    Help Importing UnPD's


      I've noticed there are many UnPD's to download that users have created, unfortunately I'm not sure how to import them and have them polled and visable in the Orion website.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction as there some very useful UnPD's to download?

      Kind Regards

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          Please see page 213 of the Orion NPM Admin Guide, which can be found here

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            If you open the Orion Universal Device Poller on your Orion server, you can go to File | Import Universal Device Pollers.  You can do this for any UnDP you download and copy to your Orion server.  This will add the UnDP you've downloaded as a defined poller.  Once you have the poller in your list, you can right click it and select Assign.  This will allow you to assign the poller to any node in your Orion inventory.  Right clicking the poller also allows you to edit the Web Display settings (which define how the UnDP data will be used on your Orion website.) 

            Check out the product tutorial for the UnDP at the link below.


            Hope this helps!

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                Thanks for the link, I've imported the UnDP for my Dell Server's temp, it's result comes back as '3', which means 'ok'.


                How can I display:

                3 = ok

                4 = non-critical

                5 = Critial

                As the numbers mean nother to most users monitoring.


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                    If you right click on the poller and select Edit, look for the "Show Advanced Options" section (it's a button with a plus on it in the middle of the Define Your Universal Device Poller window.  Your MIB Value Type should be Raw Data and the Format should be set to Enumeration.  There should be a button next to the Format drop down box labeled Map Values.  You should be able to map the raw value to a text value in the Enumeration Map window that pops up. 

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                      Go to the Advanced Options for the poller. Under format type, choose Enumeration. Click on Map values. Here you can type a text equivalent for each numerical reponse. Now the text will show on the we site rather than the numerical output.

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                          Thanks, I have done this, but I get displayed a chart wth the numbers, is it possible to just say "temp = ok"

                          Also looks like someone has tried a custom poller on the nodes already that hasn't work, it is under the detailed page for all servers, how can I remove this poller from all servers?  As I can't find it in Orion Universal Device Poller.

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                              To remove a poller from all nodes:

                              - Log in to Orion web site as administrator

                              - Go to Admin option, select Manage Nodes

                              - Select all Nodes, then select Assign Pollers

                              - Uncheck the box next to the poller(s) you want to remove then click Submit.

                              You are done.