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    How to create alerts for specific devices?


      Hi all,


      I am trying to make an alert for 2 ping only monitored devices. When they go down, I want it to send an email to my boss. I have created the rule sort of but I don't know how to only apply it to those 2 devices. Any help would be great.



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          You'll need to use an advanced alert and you'll need to set up a condition group in your trigger condition settings.  In your trigger condition set the property to monitor to Node.  Leave the "Trigger Alert when all of the following apply" set to all.  Add a simple condition of Node Status is equal to Down.  Then add a Condition Group that says "Trigger Alert when any of the following apply. "  Click the box next to the condition group you just added and add a simple condition.  Set this to "Node Name is equal to" and then fill in the node name of the first node you want to alert on.  Do this again for the second node name.  Then set the rest of your settings like your trigger and reset actions just like you do for any other advanced alert. 

          Hope this helps!


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            When you are creating the alert make a condition that does the following

            Where any of the following are true:
            NodeName is equal to "devicename"
            NodeName is equal to "otherdevicename"

            This should only send alerts for the two devices that you state.

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              If you are using an advanced alert, then you need only add a simple condition that requires the Nodename be equal to one or the other node name. See the screen shot.

              Note tht the top condition group will have the ALL condition, while the dependent group has the ANY condition. That way if either node goes down, you will get the alert.

              Let me know if you need any other help.