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    Packets Per Second - interface details show different number than graphs

      I've noticed that the interface details show the actual total inbound PPS on an interface, so including any multicast and what not. As i'm working in a high-usage multicast environment, i'd like to see those total numbers in the "Min/Max/Average packets In/Out" graph on the interface-view as well, which only shows unicast pps.

      I tried a custom chart with 'multicast traffic' but this shows ONLY multicast; i want to see the total!  Also, that multicast graph shows 'bps' instead of 'pps' on the left.

      When i check the outbound interface for the traffic (still multicast) it nicely shows the total number properly, not making the difference between unicast/multicast etc.

      Is there any way i can see TOTAL pps for an interface, both in- and outbound in one graph?

      thanks in advance,

      Manfred Brack