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    Trigger Condition "Not Equal To"


      I am curious if anybody else is experiencing an issue with the "not equal to" condition in the Advance Alerts?  Basically, if an application or node is down, I have it set to something like this:

      Trigger Alert when all of the following apply
          Application Name is equal to XXXX-App
          Application Status is NOT equal to UP

      In the events table, I'll see the Application is an unknown state, but none of the Trigger Actions occur (something simple like sending an email).

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          Is the alert listed in the list of the Triggered Alerts? If not, then...

          A) The next step in troubleshooting this would be to check if the Trigger Query run by the alerting engine is actually returning your Application.

          Open the Database and run the following SQL Query:

          SELECT AlertName ,TriggerQuery FROM AlertDefinitions


          Copy the TriggerQuery of your Alert and execute it.

          1) Is the Application returned in the results?

          If yes, 1a) then it either means that the Alerting Engine is encountering an issue or that the Reset or Suppress Alert conditions are blocking it.

          If not, 1b) there is something wrong either the Application is UP or the Application name is not matching. Double check the trigger conditions.


          B) If the Alert is already triggered, your Actions had some problems to be executed. Use the Test Alert option to confirm actions are working.