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    Is this a defect in NetFlow reporting


      I'm attempting to build a report on Endpoints Bytes Transmitted, but when I enable this field BYTES TRANSFERRED the entire reports comes up empty/null.

      Point of interest here: I see tables for NetFlowSummary1, NetFlowSummary2 and NetFlowSummary3 but I do not see just a NetFlowSummary - would this make any difference when the SQL codes shows just the name of NetFlowSummary.


       Here's the SQL part of it:

      SELECT  TOP 10000 Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((DateTime) as Float)),0) AS SummaryDate,
      FlowCorrelation_Source_FlowCorrelation.IPAddress AS IP_Address,
      FlowCorrelation_Source_FlowCorrelation.FullHostname AS Full_Hostname,
      SUM(NetflowSummary.TotalBytes) AS SUM_of_Bytes_Transferred

      (NetflowSummary LEFT OUTER JOIN FlowCorrelation FlowCorrelation_Dest_FlowCorrelation ON (NetflowSummary.DestIPSort = FlowCorrelation_Dest_FlowCorrelation.IPAddressSort))  INNER JOIN FlowCorrelation FlowCorrelation_Source_FlowCorrelation ON (FlowCorrelation_Dest_FlowCorrelation.IPAddressSort = FlowCorrelation_Source_FlowCorrelation.IPAddressSort AND NetflowSummary.SourceIPSort = FlowCorrelation_Source_FlowCorrelation.IPAddressSort)

      ( DateTime BETWEEN 39978.4065509259 AND 39979.4166666667 )
        (FlowCorrelation_Source_FlowCorrelation.FullHostname LIKE 'florida%') AND
        (FlowCorrelation_Dest_FlowCorrelation.FullHostname LIKE 'florida%')

      GROUP BY Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((DateTime) as Float)),0),
      FlowCorrelation_Source_FlowCorrelation.IPAddress, FlowCorrelation_Source_FlowCorrelation.FullHostname

      ORDER BY SummaryDate ASC, 3 ASC